Spiritual Expansion – Personal Healing audio

Spiritual Expansion – Personal Healing audio

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Spiritual Expansion – Personal Healing audio

Are you ready to Expand & let go of restrictions, energy strings attachments & other things that hold you back?

Through this product, we want to give you a powerful tool and space for healing – so that you can step more into the highest life path of your soul, raise your vibration and do what you are here to do. You will receive a personally recorded Healing audio sent to your email, where we together with your higher Guide team, angels & ascended masters provide in-depth guided Healing.

You can listen to it several times and it will help you move forward in your healing.

You get the following:

* Healing and upgrading your 12 chakras
* Upgrade & purification of Your Energy
* Upgrade your Guides, so that your guidance is the highest possible
* Clearing of energy strings and attachments that hold you back
* Cleansing of negative & dark energy in the aura
* Healing for what you want (see below)

After the purchase, we will contact you and you will then have the opportunity to adress what you yourself want healing for, in addition to what is included.


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