Twin Flames in depth

Twin Flames in depth


Twin Flames. Originally, Twin Flames is a joint soul that at some point was split into two parts – one with more feminine energy and one with more of the masculine energy. Before we incarnated here, we decided if we would meet in this life, what inner work we would do, both individually and together.


We also chose when and how we would meet and what the circumstances would be. So the meeting is predetermined and has a higher purpose. Twin flames have often lived many past lives together and have gone through many challenges, which means that there may be old karma that needs to be resolved between them, as well as with people around them.



Meeting your Twin Flame can guide and heal you to:


    • Achieve self-love
    • How to love unconditionally
    • Heal old conditioning, blockages, fears and inner wounds

    • Start your ascension
    • Let go of everything that is not in tune with who you really are – your higher self

    • Heal karmic patterns with your family, relatives, ancestors and even on a collective level in society
    • A common spiritual mission that includes some type of guidance and healing

    • Release and heal trauma from childhood/past lifetimes






Twin Flames – Masculine and Feminine Energy

So one of the two carries a stronger feminine energy and the other carries a stronger masculine energy. When Twin Flames incarnate together on earth, they need to balance these energies so that both have balance with both the masculine and the feminine. The imbalance that exists when Twin Flames meet often causes the Twin Flames to have some typical “male” and “female” characteristics.


This can be very challenging but it is one important thing to go through. It is common that the Twin Flame with stronger feminine energy is the first to feel the connection that exists between the two. This is because he/she is usually more awakened spiritually and has close proximity to his/ her intuition and emotions. Often it is the woman who possesses the feminine energy, but it may as well be the man.


If they are two women or two men Twin Flames, each of them will have the same energy breakdown

The masculine energy is often associated with: Strength, giving, logic, action, thinking, analyzing and doing.


The feminine energy is often associated with: the soft, receptive, intuitive, feeling, being, healing, vulnerability, openness and relaxation.


Masculine energy is found in the exterior, while the feminine is about the interior.
The masculine thinks while the feminine feels.
The masculine manifests and performs while the feminine senses / discovers.
Thoughts dominate the masculine while the feminine is more in the heart.
The masculine shows anger while the feminine vulnerability.




Twin Flames / Twin Flame




Runner and Chaser as Twinflames

This typical dynamic that occurs in the Twin Flame connection is often called the Runner and Chaser. All this happens with a higher cause and is an important part of the Twin Flame journey. The reason why this dynamic occurs is because the encounter with our Twin Flame often is extremely challenging and awakens strong internal processes within us – our Twin Flame is our exact mirror and will reflect everything that you have not healed within yourself. It often makes it difficult to be together physically at once.


Many times it is common for Twin Flames to need small breaks or even to be separated for periods of time to handle everything the meeting brings up within us. Only when both parties have done a great deal of inner work and achieved a certain balance between the masculine and feminine that the relationship becomes more balanced.


It is common for the chaser (which often is the one with feminine energy at first)

To want to have a lot of contact and be close, while the runner may find it difficult to be close or experience resistance in the contact. The runner often do so because everything that comes up to the surface becomes overwhelming. Perhaps the other Twin Flame awakens old trauma from this life and/or from past lives. You could say that the person who runs really escapes from their own emotions that become to difficult to handle.


When he / she runs, it often raises internal wounds that are about being rejected or abandoned by the other party. These are strong emotions which in turn makes the person who is chasing, chase even more. It is easy to think that the one who runs away is the one who flees – with the truth being that both parties often flee from themselves. These roles can change during the course of the journey and are an important part of getting started and ready for all healing, although it can sometimes become a negative spiral.


What may be important here is that both ultimately take responsibility for their own feelings

Those who chase need to turn inward and face themselves and the feelings of abandonment that arise, in the same way as the one who runs has to turn inward and face his / her issues. The Twin Flame journey is about healing yourself and achieving self-love. When we do that, we can also share this with our Twin Flame and people around us. Everything starts from within you!


Our Twin Flame is our mirror that shows us the way. For every part we heal within ourselves, the deeper we get into our inner selves – and the higher we rise in frequency. We peel layer after layer with conditioning, expectations, patterns, emotions and values ​​that do not belong to our true self.





Twinflames, The dark night of the soul

As we begin our ascension and spiritual development, we begin to let go of our ego. It is part of the spiritual journey and can be an incredible tough and painful process. This is because it often means that we need more or less to let go of everything we previously held on to, believed and imagined. Everything that is created through fear and limited views needs to be peeled away in order for us to be and live as we really are – based on our soul and the truth of our soul.


This is a process that can, but not always, last for several years, more or less intensively. How we experience this depends a lot on how we are as people, how much we have in our bagage that needs to be released and how much resistance we have in the process. The more resistance we have to releasing the old, the tougher the process can be. The process is usually not linear but circular – this means that we can feel very good at certain periods, and then fall into the struggle with the ego. The reason why we are experiencing all these hard feelings is because they need to come to the surface to be healed.


Here it is important to have a lot of patience with yourself and see it all from a larger perspective

What happens is in accordance with your plan – what you have chosen to let go during this lifetime. The reason why many people start this cleansing process first when we meet our Twin Flame, is because the other reflects us so powerfully – it makes everything that is not in line with our true self come to the surface. It can also be traumatic events or feelings from past lives, which makes it difficult to understand why you feel the way you do. Be aware that this is part of the journey and nothing happens by chance. Above all – nothing is wrong!



A couple of things you can experience when you try to let go of your ego:


Strong Resistance (your ego does almost everything to keep you in the old)

Feelings of confusion and hopelessness

The feeling of the ground disappearing under your feet

Feelings of anger, sadness and failure

Pain in the chest and other parts of the body


Experience of that everything feels dark and gloomy

Extreme fatigue

Existential crisis – who am I?

Guilt and shame, feelings of being wrong

A strong sense of rootlessness – where do I belong?

A need to be on a distance with other people




Twin Flames / Twin Flame




There are a few different stages on the Twin Flame journey that may be good to know

Remember that these steps can look very different for different people, depending on what lessons should be learned. The different steps are also not a straight line ahead but can switch between the steps during the journey. Sometimes you may think you have passed a phase, and then be thrown back again. It is because we are healing old wounds and when we have healed something, new things come to the surface to be healed.


An inner longing for Twin Flames

In this phase, you can begin to feel an inner longing for something more in your life. It may be a longing that you do not really understand, but you feel that you want to move on or that there is something more. Some hear about the concept of Twin Flames and gather information about it. Others may seek more for spirituality and join groups with more like minded people. You may begin to meditate and seek more within yourself.


Often, this feeling of inner longing can come some time before you meet your Twin Flame, as a kind of preparation for something to come into your life. However, sometimes it is not so at all, and your Twin Flame shows up without warning, and you do not understand what is happening. If you long to meet your Twin Flame, we recommend that you work on healing yourself in the meantime. The more you heal and the closer you are to your inner self, the more you will attract your Twin Flame.




Twin Flames / Meeting your Twinflame

The first contact with our Twin Flame can awaken very strong feelings within us. Often, we feel an attraction to the person, a feeling of coming home and a strong love that is difficult to explain. However, it is not always the case that we feel it immediately, but it may come later in the connection. The person who is most spiritually awakened often feels the spiritual connection first. Of course, meeting your Twin Flame can happen in many different ways, but usually a little unexpected.


It is common for our Twin Flame to come into our lives when we do not intend to meet anyone, when we are in a tough situation or when we are already in a relationship. It is therefore very common that one or both Twin Flames already are in a relationship, which can complicate the whole thing in the beginning. Sometimes both choose to leave their relationships to be together and other times it takes more time before they can start something together. Here, it is important to feel what feels right for you.


Sometimes it is also not meant to give up everything we have at the moment we meet our Twin Flame

There may be things needed to be done first. We may be living in a karmic relationship or with a soulmate where we need to get the lessons we need before it is time to leave. Some choose to stay in their relationship, which is not right or wrong, but what suits that person right then. The Universe has a plan with everything that happens. If you and your Twin Flame are meant to be together, then trust that you will come together when both of you are ready. In the actual encounter with our Twin Flame, often very exciting things happen the first time we meet.





Twin Flames testing stage

In this phase, everything our old comes to the surface, everything we need to become aware of and heal deeper. Our Twin Flame is a mirror image of ourselves, which means that you mirror each other in everything. Both with joyful and wonderful, but also, all the tough things that we would rather not see in ourselves. Our Twin Flame highlights the very best in us, but also finds our inner shadows. This can of course be painful, but it is an incredible healing. See it as an opportunity to heal and grow as a human being.


In this phase, tough times can occur, where both trigger each other. We can be sad, worried, stressed and even angry not knowing why. Not infrequently these feelings are then directed towards our Twin Flame because it is, he/ she who awakens these feelings within us. Here it is important to be aware that it is your Twin Flame that awakens your feelings, but they are your feelings. It is your stuff that comes up and you have to constantly go back to yourself and look at what’s going on in you. Why are you getting so angry? Are you annoyed with your Twin Flame? Is the other Twin Flame triggering this in you?


Going through all these triggers can be really tough, especially if we do not really understand what is going on

Try to see everything that happens as a great gift, a gift that leads you to your true self. It is no coincidence that your Twin Flame behaves the way he / she does. Everything is predetermined, everything for your highest good. Thus, even before you step down to earth, you have chosen to meet under certain circumstances, and you have also chosen what you need to heal in yourself and in each other. Your Twin Flame is you and you are your Twin Flame. You reflect exactly what needs to be healed.


In this phase we can also begin to doubt

Should it be like this? Why do I feel so negative about my Twin Flame? Why have I not come further than this with my own inner work? It can also be extra challenging in this phase as it often happens a lot around us. Our encounter with our Twin Flame often means that our lives are thrown upside down on several levels. We may leave safe and habitual relationships; we may lose our job and feel generally confused.


All of this makes us feel lost and in addition we have to relate to everything that happens with our Twin Flame. Have confidence here and keep in mind that everything will fall into place. As we mentioned earlier, it is common for Twin Flames to not “fit” in the template for how-to live-in society. It can be a challenge to enter into a relationship with a large age difference or where you come from completely different cultures. So, there are many things that make the relationship challenging.


Over time, feelings of wanting to escape may arise, especially when strong triggers emerge

It’s easy to start blaming everything that is happening on the other partner, which is sometimes understandable. Try to constantly look at everything that happens on a slightly higher plane. Take a step back when it gets tough and look at what really happens and why you react so strongly. Everything will fall into place. It is when our life falls apart that it actually begins to fall into place.




Twin Flames / Twin Flame





Crisis and fear Twin Flames

In this phase, both Twin Flames need to think about what they want. A strong will and a lot of courage are often needed to continue on the joint journey. This is because it can show as resistance, both within our self but also socially with others. You may find that people around you are questioning what you are doing. Being a Twin Flame can be difficult and it can even feel lonely at times, and people around don not understand everything that happens.


Some Twin Flames undergo a period or periods of separation during the journey

It is often very painful for both Twin Flames, but sometimes necessary for both to be able to heal. However, it is not necessary to undergo the separation and it may look different if it occurs. Many fears may arise here, in terms of fear of losing control of one’s life, and also fear of what others may think. We live in a society where some things are more accepted than others. It takes will and awareness to move forward together, and a lot of patience and understanding both for your own process and for what the other goes through. Be humble toward yourself and your partner. You both do your best from where you are.





To let go and surrender for Twin Flames

So far, both Twin Flames have come a long way and it may have been a bit of a struggle to get here. This is about letting go, giving in. It is about letting go of the ego, of expectations and of just allowing what happens to happen. When we let go of all the struggling and control, the soul takes over and takes us exactly where we need to be. We also need to let go of our perception of our Twin Flame in a way, since the relationship should not be based on “needing” the other to feel good. When both have healed a lot within themselves and are ready, the relationship will be in balance.





The Divine Union for Twin Flames

The Union has to start within you, it is a divine and spiriual union. Both of you two have gone through a deep inner healing process and found balance in yourself and between the two of you. Twin Flames have an incredibly strong energy between them and when it is in balance it is incredibly healing and powerful. It allows many people to be helped and healed by the energy that Twin Flames possess together.


Even though Twin Flames have come to union, there will still be healing to do. It is a process that will continue and when we have healed a lot within ourselves, we will also take on and heal collective karmas and ideas. Twin Flames relationships are more than just a love relationship. The two individuals together have one or more tasks to perform, to increase the vibration on earth. There may be different types of healing or guidance. The assignments looks different and are often activated at the first meeting but also during the process.







Some characteristics that you have met your Twin Flame:


    • You feel an immediate strong attraction to the person, a feeling of coming home

    • You meet under special circumstances and there are often synchronicity around the first contact and meeting

    • One or both are often already in a relationship

    • Often a large age or cultural difference

    • Strong energy between you

    • There may be similarities in appearance, such as the same physique, similarities with eyes and other features

    • Have many similarities when it comes to things you have experienced like childhood etc.

    • You complement each other perfectly in terms of characteristics and skills

    • Understand each other on an in-depth plane

    • You can recognize each other remotely

    • Telepathy (may develop over time)

    • You start ascending after you meet

    • You have different roles, one guiding the other in different ways

    • One of you is more spiritually awake

    • Both often start a kundalini ascension

    • Both are old sensitive souls

    • One has or both have clear guidance from guides, angels and the Universe etc.

    • Spiritual abilities activate and develop after you meet

    • Strong magnetism – can work both as a strong attraction to the other, but also in the form of resistance at times. It is never indifferent or neutral.



There are, of course, many more characters than the ones we mentioned

And it is important to know that it looks different for everyone. Sometimes you feel everything at once, while other times it comes down the road. These signs are only indicative, only you feel in your heart when and if you found your Twin Flame. And if you do not do it at once, you will do it eventually. Trust that everything will be just as it should.


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Twin Flames / Twin Flame