Written Akashic records Guidance – 4 Questions of chose

Written Akashic records Guidance – 4 Questions of chose

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Written Akashic records Guidance – 4 Questions of chose

We have done over 300 written Akashic records readings and it is one of our most appreciated services. Sometimes we are asked if we can include other topics than what is included in our standard readings. That is why we have created this written guidance, were you get to choose what the focus should be on!

You ask 4 optional questions were we answer together with our intuition and our higher guide team. It can be big or small questions!

We recommend that you choose questions and topics that can help you gain an increased understanding of something that is happening or that can help you move forward on your journey. The guidance also includes healing and cleansing for any imbalances or blockages that appear. This happens in connection with you receiving the guidance and reading it. We add healing to the received information!

Examples of questions can be:
* I’m in a challenging relationship and do not know how to handle it?
* What is my role as a light worker in this life?
* Do I have major blockages from past lives that affect me today and if so, what?
* What spiritual gifts do I have with me in this life?

After the purchase, we create your guide and you get it sent to your email, usually within 2-5 days.

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