Akashic Records

Akashic Records were we work with you who are a twin flame, soulmate or other advanced  and sensitive soul


What are the akashic records and how can it transform your life?

The Akashic Records is a place in the fifth dimension and part of the quantum field. You can imagine this place as a large library or as a temple where all the information is stored – all the information about you as a soul – since you were created. Here is information about all the choices you have made, all the karma you carry – positive and negative. Here is also everything about the actions you have done in previous lives and which souls you have had relationships with. Your soul book contains the story of you and the experiences that took you to where you are today. We turn primarily to you who are a twin flame, soulmate or other advanced soul. If you feel drawn to this page, you probably belong to one of these categories.


The archive is monitored by very high light beings and by the Lords of karma as well

It is these light beings who make sure that everything happens according to universal law. This helps us to free ourselves from contracts, events and karma that we are ready to let go of. The law of karma is an energy law that affects us all the time, whether we are aware of it or not. You could say that it is an energy consequence that is stored in your archive. Which determines what situations and circumstances you need to experience in this life. All to have the opportunity to be free and in balance.


We are always responsible for what we do and send out in terms of energy and sooner or later the same energy comes back to us in one way or another. Although karma is something that sometimes puts us in difficult and challenging situations, it is important to know that we ourselves, at any time, can choose to live differently. When we become aware of our situation or a certain pattern, we have the opportunity to change our existence and our way of looking at things. When we do that, we also change our karma backwards and thus our future. Nothing is fixed and all energy can be transformed, changed and transformed.


Akashic Records






The Akashic records contain all the contracts and all the promises you carry with you from past lives and existences

By gaining an insight into these, you can break patterns and relationships that no longer benefit you and take quantum leaps forward in your personal and spiritual development. There is also information on whether you carry negative unwarranted karma. That is, karma that is already played out but that you still hold on to for various reasons. Sometimes we unconsciously retain cell memories of horrible things that have happened. To remind us of what happened and not to repeat the same mistakes in the present life. We have noticed that you who are a twin flame, soulmate or other advanced soul are often extra sensitive to what has happened in past lives and need to gain insights from and access to the Akashic Records.


Your Divine Soul Blueprint

Your Divine Soul Blueprint is your divine soul structure, how your soul is created energetically. It can be said that it is your code or key to accessing life energy from the source. When you live and make choices according to your blueprint, you get huge amounts of energy for your physical body. You create flow, synchronization and abundance in life. When you make choices that go against your blueprint, it will show in different ways in your life. The life energy is stifled and the energy does not really reach all the way forward.


Blockages are created somewhere in your energy system and you can then experience fatigue, stagnation or pain in the body. To dissolve these blockages, we need to be aware that we have a blockage. Andfind out where it is located and then release the energy that is blocked. Then it is important that we take new actions and change our way of thinking. So that we create our life in the direction we want to come, rather than remaining in the old.


Our Spiritual Gifts and Our Origin

Through the Akashic Records, you can gain a deeper understanding of who you are and what your purpose is here on earth. You who read this text are most likely an old advanced soul. Who lived many hundreds, perhaps thousands of lives here on earth and elsewhere. Through all incarnations we accumulate great knowledge and deep wisdom – we develop special gifts. Many light bearers experience a feeling of loneliness and a feeling that they do not really feel at home or fit in here. Chances are good that you are a star traveler and that you come from somewhere else. Getting to know more about our origin and our soul family as well as about the energetic gifts we have can create an enormous recognition and joy within us. It also helps us get through difficulties because we know we are here for a reason – we have a mission.


You are divine and you are always the creator of your reality

Everything you see around you shows you what you carry within you that still needs to be conscious, healed and receive love. The Akashic Records shows you who you are and how you can best live to be in balance, become whole and manifest what you desire and what your soul longs for.




-The more you heal – The higher you go-



The Akashic Records is a place for Healing, Transformation and Manifestation. We work with you who are a twin flame, soulmate or other advanced soul


Akashic Records




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