Gifts, Strengths & Challenges – An Astrological Written Guidance

Gifts, Strengths & Challenges – An Astrological Written Guidance

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Your energetic gifts, strengths & challenges in this life!

NOTE – we need your complete birth information with exact time and place to be able to do this guidance. This is because our birth chart can change in four minutes. If you absolutely can not get the exact time, then we can do a reading anyway but it will not be quite as detailed. But it is possible and then we will present the facts around this.

In this guidance, we will deepen your awareness about who you are in this life. We look at your potential, your strengths and what can be challenging. Maybe you have questions or concerns about what your gifts are? In the guide, we look at your sun sign, your moon sign and what your ascendant is. In astrology, these three aspects of our chart are usually called “the big 3”. By looking at these parts of your chart, we can see a lot of who you are in this life, how you are shaped and also what your emotional life looks like. In addition, we look more at other things that stand out in your map, things that are unique about you. In the reading, we also look at where you can direct your focus, so that you can live based on the chart’s higher energies.

We are all born with our very unique birth chart. To understand what a birth chart is, you can imagine that you took a photo of the starry sky exactly at the time you were born. This photo shows where all the planets of the Solar System were at that time. To work with astrology is to work with Energy. All planets possess unique energy properties as well as different qualities. Depending on where these planets were in the solar system and how their relationship was to each other, our chart will be built around this. The chart shows what you as a soul carry with you into this life and it is a fantastic tool to work with, to understand yourself better and develop into your true self. We bring with us the energies we need into this life to develop, release karma and increase our understanding and vibration.

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