Soulmate/Karmic relation


Soulmate/Karmic relation

All relationships reflect us, challenge and and show exactly what we need to look at and heal. Sometimes we come to the bottom, for other moments to experience that we are in heaven – all for us to evolve, raise our vibration & become our highest self.


Here on earth, we often have a rather limited view of relationships. We value them as good or bad, wrong or right. But the relationships that we may think are bad to the eye, can also be the most developing for us and our soul. Our human aspect can have a picture of what a relationship should be like to be considered good. Before we incarnate, we choose which people we will meet, what lessons we will learn and what challenges we will bring with us. As spiritual beings, we see everything that happens on earth as development and we can look forward to living a challenging life, precisely because we know how much we will grow. This does not mean that we should remain in all relationships, but that we should look at what we are in and see if there is something we want to be in. If not then maybe we need to let go, process and move on on our trip.


Many old souls end up in a heavy karmic relationship at some point, which in itself is not wrong because we have to deal with the imbalances that are there. But it is important to be aware that we do not have to be left in something that makes us feel bad, feel drained or take all our energy. Below we have made a summary of what different types of Relationships and spiritual ties can look like. It can help you to dis the relationship you are in and maybe even to get more clarity about what is happening.




When Twinflames meet, they often experience a great recognition of each other, a strong love and a lot of synchronicities. This does not always come at once, but sometimes only one of the parties feels this in the beginning. It can look very different, because each journey is uniquely shaped for you and your twin. Gradually, both often discover that they have gone through similar events and experiences in life. However, it is common for Twinflames to have certain external challenges – such as cultural differences, large age differences or coming from different types of economic background. There may also be some resistance to our Twinflame because he / she awakens so much in us on all levels.


Twinflames complement each other, which means that you can sometimes think that you are very different from each other and start to doubt if you really are twinflames. One often possesses skills and knowledge that the other does not have but that it needs to develop and vice versa. This can be shown by the fact that one is very forward, social and easy to express emotions while the other is more quiet, calm and has difficulty expressing emotions. This can also create some challenges because you can experience it as if your twin is completely opposite to yourself.


Your Twinflame is here to reflect you and for you on a journey towards unconditional love. As we said, your twin is your mirror and will reflect everything within you that is not in harmony with your soul and that is not processed and healed. As you probably understand, this means that all your repressed feelings, trauma and shadowy sides come to light. This means that the contact with your twin often becomes very intense, especially in the beginning when everything comes up so strongly. Sometimes this becomes too challenging and difficult to handle and you go different ways, at least for a period.


Our Twinflame triggers things in us so that we have the opportunity to heal this. So no matter how challenging, these triggers are a gift – something that is predetermined and well planned before we chose to incarnate and meet. Being on a Twinflame journey often means a roller coaster of emotions. Feelings of joy, togetherness, love, sorrow, pain and anger.



There are several reasons why we meet our Twinflame here on earth, including:

*To achieve self-love and unconditional love within ourselves & to others

*To help us begin & undergo our spiritual awakening and raise our vibration

*To heal our inner wounds and traumas, from this life, past lives and from other galactic places

*To work together or spread knowledge – in spiritual or other healing work

*To support the earth’s collective ascension & vibration increase 



We often feel when we meet a soulmate because it is someone we easily feel comfortable with and enjoy. Our soulmates are the ones who are often very close to us in life – part of our soul family. It could be a partner, a close friend or someone in your family. When you meet a soulmate, you often immediately feel a sense of belonging and you feel at home with the person, as if you already know each other. Which you actually do on a soul level. Soulmates have often lived many lives together and have a strong bond between them. You may find that your soulmate understands you and that you are easy to talk to. Above all, you thrive in each other’s energy and company. Our soulmates, like all relationships around us, are here to make us grow and develop. Although a relationship with a soulmate is often very loving and nice, there are also often challenges.


Do you feel that you have a special and close bond with several in your family or one of your friends? Maybe you have or have had a partner who just felt so obvious and natural to you? Who could you open up to and show who you were? In that case, the probability is high that it was a soulmate. We all have several soulmates and sometimes we are meant to live with a soulmate all our lives, and sometimes we can meet several during the course of life. Depending on what we decided before we stepped down to earth. Because we often lived together many times, we often have different lessons and lessons we must learn and work with together when we meet. It can be, for example, lessons about trust, independence or understanding how we work with other people.



Karmic relationships

Karma stands for cause and effect – what you give you get back. It does not have to mean that you get back the exact same thing or event, but something that energetically corresponds to that event. Karma is not something wrong or negative, but it is a universal law that is in itself neutral. Everything you send out into the universe you get back – both positive and negative. Here it is important to bear in mind that we all have the karma we need to work with and we all do the best we can, always.


Karmic relationships in this term refer to relationships with which we have unresolved karma, especially from past lifetimes. We meet people in our lives with whom we enter into relationships or have other experiences. Depending on how you treat each other, you create positive or negative karma. If there is a very large imbalance in a relationship, for example that one abuses the other, a karma is created where the people are very likely to meet again under similar circumstances to balance this. There is individual karma, karma in relation to others and collective karma. A collective karma can be, for example, the Jews who were subjected to terrible things during the Second World War.


Karmic relationships can be family, friends, acquaintances, your boss or a partner. It could be a person who comes into your life for a long time or someone who just shows up and disappears quickly again. It depends on what your agreement looks like. A karmic relationship can at first be experienced as very passionate and loving. You often feel a strong physical attraction to each other. This is because you simply have to choose to be with each other and work with your karma. In karmic relationships, it is common with a lot of conflicts or that there is a power struggle where both must prove or be right. It can also be the case that you start a job and notice that your boss treats you badly, etc. It is common for us to meet the same people over and over again for several lifetimes to dissolve karma. This is because we are often unaware of our karma, which can lead to us leaving relationships without healing karma or that we simply aggravate karma by falling into the same roles as last time. These are big processes and it is important to have a lot of humility towards oneself and towards others in this.


Signs that we are in a heavier karmic relationship are that we feel drained of our energy, have difficulty being ourselves, a feeling of stagnation & stagnant energy, power imbalances and that one partner tries to keep the other away from his true development process. It can also be the case that we constantly fall back into the same pattern and that we simply are not able to break free. When we are in a relationship where there is a lot of negative / unbalanced karma, it is often difficult to leave and we can experience feelings such as betrayal, guilt or other low-frequency feelings at the thought of taking us out. In these relationships, strong energy strings or energy cords are almost always created, which we need to clear and deal with in order for us to be able to move forward completely. It may take a long time to work with ourselves to restore our energy and find inner balance after such a relationship.


Karmic relationships can include various forms of narcissism, violence, abuse but also more subtle signs, such as the other making you feel small or insecure about yourself. So it is important to look at the whole picture and ask yourself questions like: Am I feeling well in this relationship? Do I get energy or does the relationship take energy? Does it generally feel heavy and draining? Does my partner want to lift me or hold me back?


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