The Twin Flame connection is a spiritual and divine connection that will take you to new, unimaginable heights. So be prepared for the adventure of your life - an adventure that will free you from everything that is not you. The connection with your Twin Flame shows you the way and leads you back to your heart and home to your soul.


The Twin Flame connection differs slightly from other relationships, such as soulmates and karmic relationships

The later relationships are no less important as all the people we meet contribute to learning and growing. Soulmates can be a partner, parent, child or close friend. These relationships are often more adapted to our norms and earthly ways of living, such as marriages, forming a family, traditional work, etc. But of course, many of these relationships also help us grow and can be very strong, challenging and beautiful.

One purpose of the Twin Flame connection is to break common norms in society and show that love should not fit certain templates, but something that happens between two individuals. It is therefore common for Twin Flames to have a large age difference, come from different cultures, live in same sex relationships or have other differences that are not considered to fit into the social norms for how relationships should be. One very important thing in this connection is to find love within yourself. Because when you do so, you can bring this love to other people around you.


Meeting your twin flame is an inner journey in the first place

Because it leads us into ascension and spiritual development in a rather abrupt way. The relationship should not primarily be seen as a romantic relationship but a relationship where both parties work with their inner self. When we meet our twin flame, many of us experience strong feelings of love and fellowship, but we also experience our inner darkness - The dark night of the soul. So the twin flame journey is a connection with both high altitudes and deep valleys. It shows us what is not healed within us at all levels.


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