Session with Hans Thörn Twinflame

Session with Hans Thörn Twinflame

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Session with Hans Thörn Twinflame. I offer sessions for you who are a twinflame, advanced soul and for you who are in your ascension and also for you with other challenges of some kind. During the session, I will help you move forward and we will look at how we can help your situation in the best way at the moment. The session consists of guidance and healing and in my work I take the help of ascended masters and archangels to bring about a powerful healing work.

When it comes to Twin Flames, we look at:

    • Runner & chaser dynamics and how you and your Twinflame can find more balance here.
    • How can you and your Twinflame get closer to each other in terms of energy?
    • Are there parts of the inner child that need more healing?
    • Emotional blockages and trauma from childhood or past lives?
    • Are there energies or a third party that hinders, disrupts or complicates your connection?
    • Is there an imbalance in your chakras?
    • I will also help you with healing for you and your Twinflame
If you are not on your Twinflame journey but you are in a spiritual relationship and / or a spiritual ascension, we will look at whether there are blockages that hold you back or whether there are external energies that interfere. We also work with healing and energy work regarding your chakras, your energy system and your inner child. Your inner child includes your childhood, the time in your mother’s womb and past lives. If you have specific wishes, we work with them. There are many important aspects that make it difficult for us as we ascend to higher frequencies – sometimes we need help to see what is holding us back and preventing us from moving forward. It may also be that you have challenges recurring in relationships and you may need help seeing how to break these patterns.

We look at, among other things:

  • Imbalances
  • Ascension & symptoms
  • Imbalance in chakras
  • External energies that affect
  • What your gifts are
  • Healing where it is needed
  • Healing of the inner child
  • How childhood may have affected you

I also offer a number of other services for you who want to work spiritually, want to learn more about yourself and your gifts and how you can get in touch with your intuition. I am also an Intuitive Medical healer and I will help you find blockages that make you feel bad, and look at what you need to do to feel better and get in balance.

A session with Hans Thörn Twin Flame can also help you with the following things:

  • Intuitively recognize what you need to know that you may not be aware of or want to see
  • Remove initiations that you do not want from this and past lives.
  • Cleanse houses from negative energies.
  • Cleanse your chakras, aura and energy system from energies that are not yours or that prevent you. from moving forward in your development.
  • Intuitively recognize what gifts you have and what you would be suitable to work with etc.
  • Animal communicator and healer – has among other things helped horses, dogs and cats.
  • Help you find traumas and profound blockages that affect you today and help you let go of them.
  • Find events or feelings from past lives or from childhood that hold you back in old patterns, behaviors and emotions.

And this

  • Help you with different challenges in relationships. It can be co-dependency issues, karmic patterns or other difficulties that make it difficult for you to be in or leave the relationship.
  • Healing and intuitive guidance for you who want to let go of control issues and other fears that stop you.
  • Recognize your intuitive and healing qualities and help you develop and enhance them.
  • Help you who are highly sensitive and feel different. We find out what you need to do to get the best and most out of life.
  • Help you get in touch with your higher self, your guides and ascended masters. I also help you free yourself from any lower guides and upgrade your guides completely if needed.
  • Support those who are already working with the spiritual – so that you can use your full potential and become even more powerful in the fantastic work you do.

Each Session with Hans Thörn Twinflame is unique and adapted to you and your needs

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