Twinflames Hans and Martina

Twinflames Hans and Martina




Twinflames Hans and Martina


Twinflames Hans and Martina. We are two old Twinflame souls who have lived many lives on earth, several times together. Being an old soul often means that you carry a lot of experience and wisdom from previous incarnations, but also a certain sensitivity and traumatic experiences that need to be solved. Every time we choose to incarnate here on earth, we free ourselves from carmic experiences that holds us back in different areas of life. We are both sensitive to energies around us and have always been that.


It can be tough in many ways when you pick up other people’s feelings and moods. However, we choose to see it as a great gift because it gives us an opportunity to understand and help other people on a profound level. We are both healers with a strong intuition that helps us in our own work and with our clients.  Since we got in touch with each other, we have been working on healing old behavior patterns, blockages, emotions and ego-based conceptions – this to let go of the old and enter the new.


A connection with Twinflames is on the soul level, no connection or relationship based on what our ego thinks and beliefs

Therefore, when we meet our Twinflame, we need to clear everything that our ego is trying to cling on too and much of what society has taught us. This can be very tough. To get through this we have used a unique Twinflames healing method that we have developed during the journey. We work with intuitive healing that clears all our chakras, the aura, the third eye and the energy system from blockages and things that are in the way. We have also created and used a special clearing that we will share in our sessions. Using the clearing can be a way to keep the energies clean between you and your Twin Flame on a daily basis.


Hans and Martina Twinflames will hold the guidance and sessions together and also Hans does individual sessions

The unique Twinflame connection between them gives there healing and guidance work an extra dimension, with their shared Twinflame energy present and active at all times. They work mainly via Zoom or Messenger  audio and will guide you through the sessions. Hans and Martina work both with individuals and couples, and their main focus is to help Twinflames and other advanced souls create balance and a life they really want and are ready for. 


Hans has worked with healing and guidance for 20 years and has a lot of experience, and now works with Twinflames

He has held thousands of individuell healing and guidance sessions, and has held courses and workshops with his own coaching method, The Soulbalancemethod, held both nationally and internationally. To this day more then 200 coaches are certified in this method. Hans has a Bachelor and Master in arts in Business and has worked internationally for large Companies before working full-time with Guidance and healing.


Martina has a Bachelor’s degree in social work and has worked for several years with people in various ways and now with Twinflames

Including people with substance abuse problems and severe mental illness, as well as children and adolescents with mental illness. Tina is also a certified coach and trained in related-based family therapy.








Clients about Twinflames Hans and Martina





When I came in contact with Hans I felt very bad. I had poor contact with my inner self and felt lost in life. Hans helped me forward on my journey in life. With the help of his strong intuition, he led me forward in a safe way. Thanks to him, I slowly began to find back to my inner voice, my inner guidance. Hans is a master of what he does. With his loving way and great knowledge with energy work he has been invaluable to me. Hans also helped me a lot on my Twinflame journey, which meant that I let go of many old feelings and conditioning, that steered me and my life. I warmly recommend Hans guidance and healing – for those who want to achieve balance in yourself and in your relationships.








I am very happy with the healing I received from Hans and Martina. Got answers too many questions such as, where in the body I have blockages, what prevents me from living my full potential and issues about past lives. Felt that things happened physically in my body during the session. The energy began to move, and I started to stretch and straighten myself. Martina had intuitively felt my energy in advance and what challenges I had to work with.


It matched very well with how I experienced it myself. I got guidance to move on from living a life conditioned by influences from childhood and parents, to start living life the way I really want to live it. I could also ask questions about my Twinflame which was very rewarding. Afterwards, it felt like I was riding on a strong energy wave and like the healing continued in my body.








My sessions with Hans have been really amazing. He has guided and helped me with his coaching a lot. He made me see the whole picture of what was really going on in my life. I am always going to be grateful for his help. because this has changed my life in a very positive way. He also helped me with my copper toxicity. The Vitamin C and Himalayan salt protocol made my immune system so much stronger and I feel so much better now, much better than I have in a very long time.








Warm thanks to you Hans for your healing and coaching.You have so much knowledge about Twinflames and I am eternally grateful that you guided this to me. It helped me gain insights into the complexity of it all, and at the same time land in it and be patient with the process. It takes an enormous amount of trust to meet your Twinflame, but it is definitely the most wonderful thing that can happen to a human being. You highlighted challenges and opened the way for a development journey without a limit. A transformational journey with my Twinflame. So thankful for that.


I also got help with healing and energy balancing, which is of the highest quality !! I know this because I have previously consulted world famous and highly sought after healers from the USA, Mas Sayady and Sol from Spain. but your healing is the best !! Highest quality in the work and huge knowledge! Thank you for your help and tremendous Twinflame knowledge and healing.  I highly recommend your healing sessions and coaching.









Hans experience with health and relationships is significant and he is very skilled at highlighting relationships and seeing them in a new light. Hans is skilled with removing emotional conditioning and replacing old patterns with new ones, and balancing the body at all levels. He is very experienced in clearing chakras, the soul and healing the body.


I daily use the Soulbalancemethod products that Hans carefully selected, to cleanse and heal the body. I can also highly recommend binaural beats, all five soundtracks, to heal health, relationships, finances, perform to 100% as well as health here and now, which release and remove negative conditioning. It is easy to feel confident with Hans and I have respected him from the very first moment!






We are very happy and grateful that you found us here


Our hope is to be able to help and support you on your Twinflame journey.
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