The Twinflame package

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The Twinflame Package – Healing 6 Guidande.

This unique package is for you who is on your Twinflame Journey, whether you are with your twin or not. The package contains both Intuitive Guidance for you on your journey, A written Akashic Records Guidance and a transformative Healing & Cleansing audio that helps you to resolve energy blockages.

These three parts are created based on what our clients feel has given them the most help and based on what we ourselves have benefited from on our own Twinflame Journey!

The following is included:

* A written Akashic Records  guidande where we retrieve information from your Akasha archive (Your spiritual archive in the 5th dimension). We look at the energy blockages you have with you from childhood and past lives that affect you right now on your journey. We also look at whether there is any negative karma, energy blockages or heavy energy between you and your Twinflame that creates distance between you.

* A 1 hour Zoom session (audio) with both of us where we provide intuitive guidance and healing for you on your Twinflame journey. Here you choose if you want to address some of what you have learned in the written guidance or if you want to look at other things that feel important. We work with archangels and ascended masters to get as high and pure guidance and energy as possible.

* Healing for energy blockages recorded on audio file mp3. This means that you can listen to it and receive the healing several times. In the healing, we work with what you want healing for. Healing is given together with higher light guides and helps to transform and dissolve energy blockages within you, but also between you and your Twinflame. It also includes clearing of your energy system, your chakras and your aura as well as clearing of external energies that affect you and your Twinflame negatively.

After your order, we will contact you and book times for the different parts. We usually recommend that you start with the written guidance, then the session and then finally an audio file with healing.

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