Written akashic records Guidance – Relationship Reading

Written akashic records Guidance – Relationship Reading

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Written akashic records Guidance – Relationship Reading

In this written guidance, we gather information from Your Akashic Records (Your Soul Archive in the 5th Dimension). It benefits you who want to immerse yourself in one of your relationships. It can be your Twinflame, a strong spiritual relationship, a soulmate or a karmic relationship. It can also be a family member or someone else who is very close to you. We recommend choosing a relationship that you are connected to now and not someone you had a relationship with several years ago, as the reading is intended to help you heal and transform in the present.

With your permission, we visit your Akashic Records, your spiritual library. This is part of the fifth dimension and here everything is stored about your soul, all the choices you have made, all the positive and negative karma you carry and information about who you are on a soul level. Here are also all the soul contracts that you established with other souls before you incarnated in this life.

In this written guide we look at:

* If you belong to the same soul group / soul family and if you lived in other places together than earth.
* What types of relationships have you had in past lives, ie if you have been married, relatives, friends, family, lovers, etc.
* Is there negative karma between you that is affecting you right now?
* Are there any soul contracts linked to you and what type of contract are they?
* What joint life theme do you work with in this life
* We look at whether there are any major blockages in you that affect you in this relationship and in other relationships
* The guide includes clearing and healing of energy blockages and contracts that your soul is ready to dissolve and release.

After the order has been placed, the reading will be sent to you within 2-5 working days.


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