Twin Flame Mission


Twin Flame Mission


In our Twin Flame Mission we use our intuition, higher beings guidance, past experience, knowledge and meetings with people. An important part here is of course our own journey that we are on. Through it we have gained a deeper understanding that it is not always simple and the encounter with our Twin Flame is unique and looks different for all of us. How our meeting becomes and how the journey develops depends a lot on how your soul contract looks like – what you have decided to experience, meet and do in this life. Working with Twin Flames is about so much more than just getting two people together.


Our role as spiritual guides is to help you on your Twinflame / advanced soul jouney:


    • Support your spiritual development

    • Help you revive you inner healer

    • Help clear away things that are hindering / blocking you and your Twin Flame on your journey

    • Support you with your awakening

    • Support you in dealing with challenges and triggers in yourself and with your Twin Flame

    • Helping you in your healing process – when it comes to healing and freeing yourself from external factors, old patterns and conditioning

    • Look at patterns and karma from past lives that can affect you and your Twin Flame

    • Support you through “the death of the ego” 

    • Be aware of and heal inner wounds and trauma from childhood

    • Explore what gifts you have and what mission you and your Twin Flame have

    • Heal and transform feelings, thoughts and old things that are in the way for or that creates resistance between you








See the Twin Flame relationship as a spiral – circular.
When you take a step up, you need to take a step down








In each session, which we hold together, we look at your specific conditions, what is important and what will bring you forward on your journey. You will have the opportunity to tell us what is challenging and difficult, and we will answer questions, intuitive feel your situation and provide advice. We combine our Twin Flame experience and energy to give you the the best guidance and healing work possible. Both of us will also do clearing and other energy work during the sessions.


Some common challenges that  a Twin Flame struggles with are:


    • To let go of the old holding you back

    • Handle triggers that surface 

    • Be apart or close to each other

    • Different types of resistance 

    • Challenges with emotions

    • To handle old trauma that surfaces 

    • Finding balance with each other 

    • Runner and chaser dynamic 

    • The feeling of doing “wrong” or feeling guilt towards the old 

    • To go into yourself rather then putting to much focus in if your Twin Flame is doing right or wrong

    • Conflicting emotions – fast switching between emotions

    • Sexual problems

    • External energies that affect 

    • Karma and cell memories from past lives

    • Difficulties from growing up

    • Cultural and economical differences / background and age difference 

    • Feelings not being worthy of love

    • Feelings of stress – that one is stuck in the emotion 


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We also work with the Akashic Records, which is your spiritual library for what you have been through in this and previous lives


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