TWINFLAME HEALING – Sirius Healing 13 jan 22 19.00-19.45 CET

TWINFLAME HEALING – Sirius Healing 13 jan 22 19.00-19.45 CET

222.00 kr Including tax

  • USD: 24.62 $


TWINFLAME HEALING –Multidimensional healing & integration of your soul!

Twinflame Healing. Now we are back with a healing event and we sincerely hope you want to join! The healing is aimed at everyone so anyone can join.

The event includes: Distance healing in a group and a shorter audio file with healing linked to it that will be sent to you afterwards. This is to enhance the healing you receive.

This healing takes place completely at a distance and you can just lie down or sit down and relax during the moment and the healing will help you in the very best way. We always get the healing we are ready for at the moment.

This time we focus on Multidimensional healing & integration of your soul

We are complex spiritual beings, which means that we have our physical body here at the same time as we have energetic aspects of ourselves in other dimensions and in previous and parallel lives. In order to heal in depth and reach self-realization in this life, we have noticed that it is important to work with healing on several different levels. This is to integrate soul aspects of you who are in other places.

When we are involved in severe traumatic events, it can cause a “split” of the soul or Soul Loss. This means that we push away a part of ourselves spiritually to protect ourselves from trauma. It can be likened to physical dissociation that sometimes occurs when we want to protect ourselves from physical or emotional pain. Of course, all this happens on a subconscious level, but it can still have major consequences for us in our lives. We need to have access to our whole physical body, our emotions but also all our energy and our soul.

This twinflame healing helps to:

Reintegrate all parts of your soul into a whole

Return all your energy back to you, energy that you may have given away for a long time

Heal Soul Loss

Clear and balance on this and other levels and dimensions

Clear away energy that is not yours and replenish with high and bright energy

Heal in parallel lives that affect you right now


The healing is usually powerful for many and can start some processes, so feel free to drink a lot of water afterwards and rest a bit if needed.

The next day we write a post on our facebook page about how we experienced the healing. We will also send an audio file to everyone who has been involved in healing.

TWINFLAME HEALING – Multidimensional healing & integration of your soul!

SEK 222

Pay here on the website. As soon as you pay, you are part of the healing.

Pay no later than the day before the event.

If there is something special you want help with during the healing, you can write it to us in the comments field. It can be fears, patterns, emotions or anything else.

Welcome to take part in this healing moment. Hope you can join us!

Twin flame hugs from Hans & Martina


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