Twin Flame Healing – Individual distance

Twin Flame Healing – Individual distance

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Twin Flame Healing – Individual distance healing 20 minutes

Twin Flame Healing. Here we provide distance healing to you who wish to receive at a distance. The only thing you need to do during the healing is to lie down or sit, relax and focus on the healing. The healing is aimed at the area or areas you want help with. It can be physical pain, various symptoms, blockages, recurring patterns, difficult emotions, trauma and more. During the healing, we work together with guides and ascended masters. We usually receive messages during the healing that we mention to you afterwards.

Some feel the healing very strongly during the time they receive it, some afterwards and others may experience it in a different way. Nothing is wrong and the healing comes to you just as it should – for your highest good.

Some people get very strong feelings when blockages release, which is perfectly fine. When blockages leave the body, the feeling comes up that the blockage has hidden in you. Just allow the emotions to come up and see them as energy moving through the body.

Twin Flame Healing addresses and heals what we experienced in childhood as abuse or that you felt small or diminished

During healing, you can also dissolve blockages from past lives that have to do with trauma or other events that affect you in the present. What happened in a previous life affects you as much as what happened in this life when energy is energy regardless of when the blockage was created. Many of us struggle with karma, energies and soul contracts that can be dissolved during healing.

Twin Flame Healing also accesses blocks of emotions and energies that have gone back many generations. In families where the trauma has become something permanent that there is no conscious memory of. But that affects us negatively without us knowing about it. This can cause both physical and mental symptoms.

We also work with healing of collective blockages and energies for you who are sensitive and address what has been created on e.g. a place or of an event that affects you in any way.

Twin Flame healing is powerful for all types of people including twin flames, highly sensitive, empaths, indigo, crystal children, soulmates and for you who are in karmic relationships of some kind.

When we have received the order, we will contact you for a time that suits us all.

We send our Twin Flame Healing together.

Hans and Martina Twin Flames

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