Inner Transformation – Deep healing

Inner Transformation – Deep healing

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Inner Transformation – Deep healing on audio file!

All you have to do is listen and allow yourself to receive the healing.

As we evolve and make our spiritual journey, it is incredibly important that we work on to heal parts of ourselves. This healing is for you who work with your inner self. And who wants to reach deeper layers of emotions and blockages that hold you back in different ways. You get the healing on audio file and download it here. And you can then listen to it as many times as you like. We recommend that you listen to it at least 3 times on different occasions, because each time you transform and heal deeper layers within you.

With the Inner Transformation – Deep healing audio you can feel a lot of sensations and emotions while listening, but sometimes it comes afterwards. In the healing, we help you pull up and activate things that are within you and that need healing. So be aware that different emotional states can come up afterwards. This is because those feelings are cleared out of your system – so it’s very positive. You heal and become free from old blockages.

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