Healing – Your inner child

Healing – Your inner child

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Healing – Your inner child is downloaded as an audio file after ordering. You can listen to it as many times as you want. Our recommendation is that you listen to it at least three times to get the most powerful healing. Often the healing goes through different layers and the more we heal the deeper we reach.

Healing – Your inner child is aimed at your inner child – this includes your upbringing, the time in the mother’s womb and events from previous lives that are left via cell memories. We go through the healing of trauma, fears, blockages, patterns and other things that hold you back. Th healing also consists of balancing, upgrading and healing your chakras.

Our inner self lives within us all the time and the parts we have not processed and healed are constantly projected into our daily lives. We seem to be attracted to the same circumstances, the same type of people, and so on. When we begin to heal these parts within us that are connected to this, we begin to change our interior – and thus our exterior. Our exterior is a mirror of our interior.


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